Unleash The Power Of Your Data With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Equity Decision Systems

is headquartered in Orange County, California and specializes in designing, building, implementing, and monitoring machine learning and artificial intelligence models for companies of all sizes. We are experts in handling complex data, building machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, and integrating the solution and analytics into your organization. Our data scientists have experience working with more than 100 fortune 1000 companies and government agencies in various industries, including: retail, criminal justice, healthcare, fundraising, insurance, mortgage, financial services, and marketing. We work with our customers closely to create end-to-end solutions which produce a positive return on investment. We focus on identifying fraud, helping you obtain customers, dashboarding/reporting, and operational optimization.

Our Process

Unlike large companies with "off-the-shelf" solutions, Equity Decision Systems specializes in custom machine learning and analytics solutions and services. We offer end-to-end solutions which cover data collection through model deployment and monitoring. All of our projects involve calculations of return on investment (ROI) to insure that the efforts and expense involved in the modeling process will produce financially beneficial results.

Our Philosophy

Equity Decision Systems was founded by two Ph.D. analytics professionals with 25+ years of experience. We encourage an atmosphere of innovation and continous improvement. Our staff has experience in a diverse set of analytical applications and find that this diversity allows for knowledge gained in one industry to be applied to other industries.