Unleash The Power Of Your Data With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

At Equity Decision Systems we help organizations turn their data and into concrete, actionable, and accurate actions. We are experts in handling complex data, building machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, and integrating the solution and analytics into your organization.


Our data scientists have experience working with more than 100 Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies in various industries, including: retail, criminal justice, healthcare, fundraising, insurance, mortgage, financial services, and marketing. We work with our customers closely to create end-to-end solutions which produce a positive return on investment. We focus on identifying fraud, helping you obtain customers, dashboarding/reporting, and operational optimization.

Analytics Services

Machine Learning Models

Our end-to-end process takes you from data collection to model deployment and monitoring.

Analytics and Reporting

We help you combine data from multiple sources to perform complex analysis or develop autoamted dashboards assisting you in running your business.

Large Language Models/Generative AI

We are experts at dealing with the intricacies of unstructured text and integrating it into machine learning solutions and large language models (LLMs).


Consulting Services

AI/ML Governance and Compliance

We help you develop or audit existing AI/ML solutions to ensure they follow the latest standard practices. (e.g. compliant, ethical, monitored, explainable, unbiased, accurate, and transparent)

Build Your Own Analytics Team

We can help you help yourself by structuring and building your own internal analytics team. We have helped build teams from scratch in a number of industries for data engineering, data science and machine learning, analytics and reporting, and data automation.