Unleash The Power Of Your Data With Predictive Models

Donor IQ®

Bring direct mail fudraising analytics to a new level. Improve the profitability of your direct mail fundraising campaigns by using advanced predictive models.

Donor IQ is the ultimate fundraising analytics tool. It utilizes proprietary predictive modeling techniques to help direct mail fundraisers increase net donations. The power of Donor IQ comes from its ability to process, manage, and detect patterns in hundreds of millions of solicitations and donations to find the most likely donors for a house mailing or a prospect mailing.

Model Prediction Group (Worst to Best)

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Donor IQ® Datamart

Organize all of your mailing and donation data into one centralized location to enable advanced analytics and bring in more net donations.

Donor IQ Datamart provides direct mailers with a tool to insure a competative advantage. Many direct mailers make hundreds of thousands if not millions of decisions each year. Incremental improvements in mailing processes which result from advanced analytics can result in millions of dollars in additional donations.

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